Jeremy Withers 4 hp GRAY

Jeremy Wither's 4 hp GRAY

Update Fall 2014

My 4hp Gray is back in running order. I was able to find an original mixer
and a reproduction muffler. It ran for the entire WMSTR show in 2014.
It has a pretty good compression leak past the piston but it runs nice and steady.
Here it is on its new skid right before it was hauled to Rollag.
Here is a link to a video of it running.

This is my recently acquired 4hp Gray. It has a serial number 4G2575.
The engine does not currently run.
It needs some minor repairs like a head gasket, fuel line,
spark plug and buzz coil... just little things.
Also i was told that it had the wrong mixer on it, that it was an Economy mixer.
Either way, the needle valve is bent and will not turn all the way in.
I hope to have it running and at the WMSTR show in Rollag, Minnesota in 2013.

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