1912 & 1913 GRAY Motor Company Letter to Wilder MN

1912 ~ 1913
GRAY Motor Company Letters
The Malchow Bro.'s, of Wilder, Minnesota

The following letters were sent to the Malchow Brother's of Wilder, MN
in 1912 and 1913, from the GRAY Motor Company,
of Detroit, Michigan. The letters were regarding GRAY's offer to
set up the Malchow Brother's as a GRAY dealer.
I don't know if the GRAY Motor Company succeeded in
setting up the Malchow Brother's as dealers or not,
but the first letter sent evidently didn't work, as the brothers
received another plea a year and a half later.

Wilder, MN is in the southwestern portion of the state,
and today's population is a whopping 69 persons!
It would be interesting to know how many GRAY Motor Company
dealers there were in Minnesota, or for that matter, in the world!

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