Jonathan Widelo Coldwell Mower GRAY Engine

Jonathan Widelo's
Coldwell Mower's GRAY Engine

Jonathan emailed me, and posted queries on Smokstak,
regarding his Coldwell Mower's engine, as to
"What make is it?"

Jonathan did comparison's to other engines,
and came up with hints that his Coldwell mower
engine may have some GRAY Motor Company

There was quite a bit of speculation and tips going
about on the SmokStak threads. In the end, Jonathan
found a ignitor to fit it, who's number was listed as
only fitting a 1-1/2 hp GRAY......
So, GRAY it is!

Jonathan Says-

The bore is 3 1/2, I also found some casting numbers all starting
with "4". The crank guard is 4875 (the 8 could also be a 0)
and 4847 on the Gov side flywheel (also could be a 0). I am sure I will find
others, when I clean more of the engine.
The crank Handle has the number 32K2S3 which I am not sure if its the
correct one or a similar one for an an engine which had a gib key too.

The serial number on the top of the head is 12348

Well the Mystery has been Solved !
After bringing my engine to the Dublin Gas engine show I was able to find
Webster Bracket #A303M26A which only fits a 1-1/2 hp Gray engine.
I bought this bracket from Mark of Mark's Magneto Service,
he said it was the only of this kind he ever had.

UPDATE- Dec. 20th 2006

I thought I would update you on the progress of the restoration of my
Gray Engine. The engine is cleaned up, all the parts are unstuck, including
the piston, which took quite a bit of work to get out. We soaked, air hammered
it and, finally hit it out with a big brass punch a specially cut block of wood and
a 10 pound sledge. The piston and rings are still good and are going to be re-used,
the cylinder cleaned up nicely too. I need to cut the valve seats and re-seat the valves.
I also have to order one of those newly made 3/4 NPT Lunkenhimer mixers until a
Gray mixer can be found, I am still searching for a good picture of one. I am also
trying to research the mower quite extensively, I found of another collector who has
one and I waiting to hear back from him and the City Historian of Newburgh, NY to
find out any information about the mower. I am also in the process of contacting one
of sons of a man who did all of the drawings and made all of the tooling for the
Model H Coldwell.

I will update with what I find,
~Jonathan M Widelo

Jonathan's engine, disquised as a Woodpecker?

A Comparison I did with Jonathan's engine (Top)
and a typical 1-1/2 hp GRAY engine (Bottom),
and commentary on the likenesses follow.

The similarities are -

  • The fuel tank filler pipe (missing on the Gray shown, but that's where they go.

  • The timing gear block boss area.

  • The raised round boss area on the block ahead of the timing gear.

  • The governor assembly on the inside of the flywheel, i.e.., the sliding
    collar and dogs.

  • The flywheels, except the Coldwell has a different "weight" setup.

  • The crank guard.

  • The cylinder oiler ~ block area

UPDATE - Photos with the bracket and magneto installed.

Repaired rocker arm... anyone have any good spares?

UPDATE - September 2010

Here's another good example of why the "Old Engine Hobby" is interesting!
Who made this engine, and for whom did they make it ?

I purchased what I believe to be a very early 1 hp hopper cooled GRAY engine.
It is a smooth hopper engine with no writing or tags of any kind on it. It only has
a raised boss on the governor side of the hopper with the serial number of 753.
It looks like many other small GRAY's that I have seen on your web site, It has the
mixer that looks like the letter "J" a GRAY rocker arm and stand, crank cast in the
flywheel, shoe governor in the flywheel. Here is the big difference It has an ignitor !!
But nothing like the Nelson Bro's. "contract engine" or like my Coldwell engine.

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