Albert Wait GRAY Stationary Engines

Al Wait's GRAY Stationary Engine(s)

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Al's - 2 1/2 h.p. GRAY Engine

Al Says ~

Here are some pictures of my 2 1/2 HP Gray engine. The head is marked (with serial #)
2.5 G 3680. The engine is completely original except for the wood skid. Notice the flared
hopper top, and the early-style, pre-1912 governor. It was a lousy governor design, and
tended to self destruct, hence the re-design in 1912. The governor with the weights in the cam
gear is a later design. The engine has raised letters on the timing side only. There seems to be no
consistency to this. I have seen engines with cast letters on the left only, right only, or both sides;
or no letters at all. Notice the paint matches Ernie Darrows' engine quite well. The raised center
section on the crankguard is to clear the shaker oiler. I have one, but have not yet installed it, as
they are rather messy when running.

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