Dave Wachter's GRAY 4 h.p.

Dave Wachter's GRAY 4 h.p.

While making my first attendance to the Minnesota Spring Le Sueur
Pioneer Power Swap Meet, (held April 22nd, 23rd, 24th) I spotted
a 4 hp GRAY dry head engine, sitting in a trailer, and met the new
owner Dave Wachter from Holt, Michigan.

The GRAY wears serial number 1881.4

I didn't have the heart to ask him what he paid for it
mostly because I was afraid he'd reply "$50 bucks"
and I wouldn't be able to sleep for a week wishing I would
have found it first!

Dave stated that he has literature that mentions the fact that the big GRAY
engines were originally painted "green" and the smaller ones "red".
I don't know if his literature defines the difference between big and little GRAY engines,
or hence, which horse powers were painted red or green.

I sure would be interested in seeing his literature!

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