Bob Turner's 4 h.p. GRAY

Bob Says ~

I have a 4hp GRAY in New Zealand.
I'm just back from England and saw a 2 h.p.? GRAY, I think, at a show there.
The serial number of my GRAY is 4G5636. It has what may be unusual, an original splash
guard with a magneto bracket cast onto it. It also has the adjustable contact lever
on the cam shaft.. I saw a few Nelson engines in England and
could see a relationship with GRAY. ...diferences, sure, but cousins at least.
I'm still geting over my trip, so may be some delay in replying.
Regards, Bob.

Gray Splash Guard showing the magneto mounting . It is a complete casting and not
an added attachment. As you will see there is several holes drilled in it suggesting that
the original Magneto had failed at some time or another and a replacement was used.
Casting part number G106


My engine is wet head. Governor weights are 2 with a sliding collar. Piston
lube is an oiler tube through the back of the hopper top (at the rear)
through the water space and into the bore. Wick oiler. (for the main bearings)
My flywheels have no starting handle incorperated in them. I have a hook type
crank starting handle , which goes onto the key on the crank. I'm sure it is original.
Big end lube is a grease cup. My gas tank was gone....rusted out. I suppose as the
motor had been thrown over a bank on a farm, it lay there for many years.
A gas tank I saw on what I remember was either a small GRAY or a Nelson
engine was round, not square like one I had made for mine.
(also it didn't leak like mine) I dont think I have ever seen such a
basis, dare I say primative carburetor. It amazes me it actually works. It is
pretty clever to suck the fuel up and into the engine (I've tried to emulate
its action by sucking on a tube of the same size into which I had screwed a
jet. All I sucked up was a gassy neighbour saw me trying and helped
me by blowing hard on the other end. The clear tube I had put to show the
petrol coming up hardly showed anything....probably all I found out was my
neighbour was a garlic lover?
All the best Bob.

Bob, Thanks for reporting in with GRAY news from across the
Guess some of those GRAY engines did a little traveling
themselves!. We look forward to hearing more about your GRAY engine
when you rest up.

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