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This is my 2 1/2 h.p. Gray engine. It's definately
not painted the original colors. It's now completely apart, getting
work done on the head and a new cylinder liner.
If you have any information on this engine,
such as possible year, etc., please email me at

I'm told that "Wendels American Gas Engines" say's the 2 1/2 h.p. was
first introduced in 1911, and called the "Wizzard".

The serial number on the head is 3 | 523 | 4

Thanks everyone for sending the photos and information.
Tom Green, Minnesota

The casting number's are as follows ~

Casting Numbers

Block 2 1/2 4H29
Head 2 1/2 4H2 (Serial Number 3|523|4)
Rod 2 1/2 4H16
"J" Air Inlet 34
Crank Gaurd 2 1/2 H60
Main Caps H 22
Timing Gear HC 33 (big gear)
Governor Weight HC 27
Rocker Arm & Detent HC 23
Governor Finger & Detent HC 30
Rocker Bracket on Head H 12
Rocker Arm for above H 8

Note: The last digit on my block's casting number appears to be
a "9", but it could be an "8".
She has a 4 1/4" bore and a 5 1/2" stroke

What it looked like when I bought it !

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