Roland Timberlake GRAY engine

Roland Timberlake's 4 h.p. GRAY Engine

Roland says ~
I know very little about the engine.
I bought it, as it is now. The air intake is not original.
I don't know what to call it, but it has a device to hold
the intake valve closed until needed.
Do you have any idea of the year of this engine?
(Like Raymond Collier's) Mine also has F101 on the connecting rod
and F28 on the rocker arm. It also has the same reinforcement in the water hopper.
Thanks, Roland

Rex Pyles (now owned by Raymond Collier) has an engine that
looks like Rolands. There's quite a debate on
SmokStak (Thread started Monday, 11 October 2004,
Titled "Do you know what kind of engine this is")
as to "who" built the engine for the GRAY Motor Company.
Just do a search on SmokStak for "Pyles", in the "Keyword box",
and you should find the thread.
I'm going with "Termaat & Monahan" as the contractor
Ya'll can decide for yourself!
Notice the bottom right photo: Do any of your GRAY engines have this
device on the intake valve? I presume the gizmo is a "fuel saving" device?

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