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1-1/2 HP GRAY Gas Tank

Submitted by Johnathan Widelo

Here are the measurements for the 1-1/2 HP GRAY engine gas tank.

13" Long x 5-1/4" Wide

1/2" Lip on top of tank (which goes all around top of tank)

Filler Fitting-
Fitting is 3/4" NPT.
6" from front of the lip to center of filler fitting.
3/8" from side of lip to side of filler fitting.
The filler fitting is on the right side of the tank
(the non governor "pulley" side of the engine.)

The Drain / Line Out fittings-
On the front and back ends of the tank, centered on the bottom,
and are both 1/8" NPT

Serial Number Data Table


GRAY Engine Specification Table


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