Stump Auction 4 hp GRAY

4 hp GRAY Model G

Sold at a April 2005 Stump Auction in Pennsylvania

Thanks to Bill Decker for submitting this photo
and jotting down the serial number, 4G 3224,
on this nice, original looking, GRAY 4 hp wethead engine.

If anyone knows who the lucky bidder was, please let us know.

Jeff Miley, also at the auction, says....
" It was a 4 H.P. wet head on a cart. It was in good running condition yet appeared unrestored.
It still has the original oil caps over the oil reservoirs in the rear of the block behind the main bearing caps.
It was sold at the auction at Perkasie, PA on 4-30-05. It was one of over 50 engines sold.
The high price of the day was $60,000 for a 12 H.P. Columbus.
I was shocked at that as many people were."

Is that some type of air cleaner on the mixer?

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