Pete Stauffer's GRAY 4 h.p.

Pete Stauffer's
4 h.p. GRAY

Wet Head

Pete Says ~

My name is Pete Stauffer, and I live in southern West Virginia.
Bill Hash is a friend of mine, and last fall I bought his 4 hp. GRAY.
He still has the 1 1/2 hp (dis-assembled and under his work bench).
I have included several pictures of the 4 hp Gray, including details of the
timer contact in the cam gear, the 3-in-1 "J" mixer, and the governor.
Although broken and welded, this engine is almost completely original.
Right now the "finish" is ExTend Rust Converter, but I plan to paint the
engine sometime in the next year. When Bill Hash got the engine, it was
completely seized up with rust, but now it is a very nice runner -- slow and
steady. I have not been able to find any serial number nor is there any
sign that this engine every had a tag.

Nice engine Pete! Like that truck under it too!

Notice the spark plug on the side... a "wet head" feature.

Great detail on the govenor setup!

"Three in One" mixer to burn gasoline, kerosine, or natural gas

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