The Gray Motor Company


2 1/2 h.p. GRAY Engine

This is Sonny's 2 1/2 h.p. GRAY engine.
He says that the serial number on the head 3G9566,
the head casting number is 50CE,
and that the engine may be on the original cart.
This engine appears to be an early example of a Gray engine

Hope you get it running Sonny!

UPDATE September 2007

This engine now belongs to

Galan Hackman.

Galan Says ~
Hi, I was just on this web site looking up about
GRAY engines, when I came across pictures of a engine
owned by Sonny, a 2 1/2 hp, serial # 3G9566.
I just bought this engine at a auction on Friday 9/7.
It looks the same as in the pictures. It's my first
GRAY, so I don't know much about them.
Do you know what year it is and if the cart is original?
Thanks, Galan

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