Duvo Brothers GRAY 4 hp

The Duvo Brother's 4 hp GRAY Engine

Shawn Say's~

I recently fetched an engine from a guy who had this in his barn since the 1970's.
I have a 4hp GRAY, I believe with some kinda extra gear between the flywheel and engine
that I really dont know what it was for.
Also the water hopper only has one side casted "Gray". Most I have seen
are casted on both sides. Do you have any info to why this engine is that way?
Many Thanks, Shawn

What's the gear for?


I picked up another engine last week that I'm kind of clueless on, from another old timer
who was making room in his shed..This guy had the engine for many decades and
doesn't have a clue what the make or year is. By looking at it closely I believe it's
a GRAY, possibly built by Nelson Bros., from what a Staker told me on the Stak site.
I believe its a 1hp and from what he said, its only the 3rd engine like this he has ever
seen, including the engine that is in England and his in North East US.
The serial number on this engine is 706, earlier than his and the England engine.
Any help with that also would be great

Would this be a T&M engine?

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