Richard Seyfang Gray 1-1/2 hp

Richard Seyfang's GRAY 1-1/2 hp

Richard sent an article and photos to Gas Engine Magazine
some time back regarding his GRAY engine.
The article is now on G.E.M.'s online archives.
With Richard's blessing, here's some of the photos and information.

One spring day my family and I came home from a ride in the country
and found an engine dumped in my side yard. After examining it,
I found it to be a Gray 1 HP that my friend had been telling me about
that was in a friend's backyard for twenty-five years or so.
The engine had never been covered or protected from rain or snow.
Somehow it miraculously survived the elements.
However, there were no two moving pieces that were not frozen together.
No cracks or breaks, just a lot of rust.

The Before Photos

The Finished Product!

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