Phil Schumacher 2-1/2 hp GRAY Wizzard

Phil Schumacher's 2-1/2 hp GRAY Wizzard?

Phil Says ~

Phil says " I've seen your engine on the website, and my
engine seems to match yours, except mine does not have the GRAY
name cast into block.
I'll send pics within a few days, I'm digging it out of the back of a building
where it's been for 15 years. My father purchased this engine about 10
years before that. It seems 100% complete, we ran it when Dad first bought
it on an auction. It's been stored, covered up, and almost forgotten til now.
I recently found out about T&M engines, and am now confused as ever.
The club I belong to picked this engine to feature in 2010, now it's my job to
find out if it's a GRAY or T&M. This is what I know for now:

- The engine has remnants of red paint, about 35%
- has a dry head
- 4 & 2 H B cast into muffler
- It has single weight governor inside tthe flywheel
- crank guard has 2 4 H 6 0 casting nummber
- has a speed/spark lever
- oiler passes through the water hopper<
- grease cups (mains tilt forward)
- block casting number under pushrod is 3 J 4 H 2 9
- head casting number is 214H2
- stamped serial number on the head flannge is 3 4 1 4 9 8 J
- 4" bore - stroke 5"
- 22" flywheels, 2" wide
- 1" diameter crankshaft
- 2 4 H 1 6 on connecting rod
- 2 "H" or "B" on rod cap

It's been buried in sawdust, scrap lumber and a leaky 1gal. of vegetable
oil sitting above it. I don't have to worry about rust too much, but your hands
stick to it if you touch it. LOL. Anyway, it's been in the dry since it came into
the family. Nothing broken, nothing welded, etc., and thats the way I'd like to keep it.

UPDATE August 2013

The Finished Project!

The Debate

The Verdict is in on "GRAY or Termaat & Monahan?"
Phill's discovery -

The jury is in. During the degreasing process, look what I found. Yup,
T&M Logo sure as can be. What looked to be a dark undercoat, has a
slight green color to it that I couldn't see inside the building with artificial light.
The sunshine made it look totally different. You can call it a T&M on the website.
I'll need paint codes and decals.

Results of an Opinion Poll !

As of now, the opinions that have come in on whether it's a Gray or T&M.

It looks like a stalemate.

Tom Green---------------Gray
Chad Johnson------------Gray
Steve H-----------------T&M
Mike Stockard---------- ?
Dick Webber-------------T&M

Is there any hope in a positive ID?.... GRAY or T&M?

Phil Schumacher

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