Gawie van Schalkwyk GRAY Model R Gawie van Schalkwyk's
GRAY Model R

Arthur Wilding, of our GRAY registry,
Reports --

Found on a farm near the town of Merweville in the arid Karoo area,
where it (the engine) drove a deep well pump head, by flat belt.
The owner is Gawie van Schalkwyk, from the town of
Worcester , Western Cape Province, South Africa.
No E-mail address available for owner.
Gawie is a real vintage machinery enthusiast and gets anything and
everything up and running again. Has vast collection of tractors,
threshing machines,engines and implements.

Magneto not original
Engine in running order
Engine No: 14R7576
HP: 4R
Type: Vertical 2-stroke
Carbureator: HOLLY PAT DEC 22 7914

Thanks Arthur for the GRAY engine report from
the other side of the world, and for the photos below. Very interesting!

These early "marine style" stationary engines, appear to be few and far
in between, so I did a little snooping on the Internet, and found the
following web page link......

Somewhere on this web page, I found This Link to a serial number page
for these early marine style engines..........

I'm guessing that the model R was adaptable to
be set up as a stationary engine (like Gawie's) or as a marine engine.
This serial number dating scheme, is to use the numeral after the "R" as the year
of manufacture. If "four" numbers appear after the "R", then it's a single digit year,
as in engine (1) below being 1907. Hence, if there's "five" numbers, then it's a double
digit year, such as 1911 on engine (2).

Gray "R"

1.---- 1907 16R7673 Early eng, spoked wheel (possible stationary)
2.----- 1911 10R11145 10 Hp single

This dating scheme, if correct, is implying that Gawie van Schalkwyk's engine is
a 1907 model. Very early!
Unfortunately, there is no dating scheme for the later, non-marine style
GRAY stationary engines like yours and mine.

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