Dale Salmon 1-3/4 h.p. Gray

Dale Salmon's 1-3/4 hp. GRAY

Dale Say's ~

I just bought this Saturday at an auction and was hoping you could provide some more information.
I believe it is a Gray engine without raised lettering on the hopper. There is no tag and doesn't appear to
have ever had one. It runs very nicely and has no cracks, breaks, or welds. The gas tank is in the base with
the filler cap below the connecting rod. The timer is a small piece of tin that is connected to the cam that hits
on the roller pin for the pushrod. It must be insulated inside the roller, as it works as it's supposed to.
The mixer appears to have a flat spot on the side for a needle, but was never drilled and tapped for one.
I could not find a serial on the flywheel face or the crankshaft end, but I did see Serial # 14670 on the top of the head.
Flywheel diameter is 17" and the bore seems to be 3.5"
Do you think is a Gray made before or after the raised letter ones? Or a trade named Gray engine?
What do you think of the oiler and pulley. Could they be original?
Note: The Oiler Says "Keystone Lubricating Co. "
Approx. year?

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