Dan Ryerse GRAY 4 hp Engine

The Ryerse Family Heirloom
4 hp GRAY Wethead

Hi- my father has a 4hp GRAY, that his grandfather bought new in about 1914.
( Best guess from sorting out Dan's grandmother's recollections )
He thought the only number on it is 3752 stamped on the top front right hand side
of the water hopper and also it is stamped on the top of the head. It is a wet head with
governor weights on the out side of the fly wheel. Oil wick lube and oilier on top rear of hopper.

Anyone else have a GRAY with the serial number stamped on hopper?

Dan adds ~
It has always ran good and was still warm when I took the picture the other day.
My father also has a 1-1/2 hp GRAY dry head its at my nephews house 3 hrs away.
I'll get pictures and numbers from it next time I'm there.

Dan Ryerse
Collingwood,Ontario, Canada


Dan says -" I finally got to my brothers place. There's no serial numbers,
(on the 1-1/2 hp GRAY below) but I got some pictures. If you zoom in you
can get some casting #'s. Any info on this engine would be appreciated.
There's a photo of a lady in a catalogue... what's wrong with this picture?
Dan R.

Casting #'s on Timing Gear - 4026

The only thing I see wrong with the photo below is that it doesn't show
the husband sitting in the rocking chair on the front porch!

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