Brad Rush 4 hp GRAYs & 12 hp GRAY Engine

Brad Rush's two 4 hp. GRAY Engines ~

2-1/2 hp T&M & 12 hp GRAY Engine

Brad says ~

This is my 4 hp. Gray engine. I got it in 1999.
I have ran this one a few times. It just does not seem to
run that good, maybe some day I will get it to run better.
I do not see a serial number at the top part of the head,
(but the number is a little closer to the water hopper on my
other 4 hp. Gray.) I will send more information and more
pictures of my engines when I can.

4HP model G, Serial Number 4G2259, Photo shown when
the engine was originally installed in a woodworking shop in 1914.

This is a picture of my 2 1/2 or 2.5 hp. Termaat and Monahan Co.
engine. Made in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It still has the original paint.
I got this engine in 2001. It came from Ohio. When I take it to shows
I get a lot of compliments. It runs as good as it looks.

This is my 12 hp GRAY, serial number 12-1047.
I saw some numbers on the end of the crank shaft. I think they
might be the serial number. It has a 12 then under that is has 1047.
I think the 12 might be the horsepower of the engine and the 1047
is the serial number.
I got it in 2003. I ran this engine
on Jun. 20, 2009 or someday around this date. I have ran
this engine off and on since 2003. It runs at about 110 RPM's,
and it fires one time every 11 to 14 seconds. I really like the
sound that this engine makes. A big powerful sound, and when it
fires or hits. The bore is 8 inches in dia. and the stoke is 11 inches.
I will send more info. about this engine, and more pic.'s.

An Advertisement for the 12 hp GRAY........ 2500 Pounds!

UPDATE September 2010

Brad's Newly aquired 4 HP GRAY!

A friend of mine had a 4 hp. GRAY.
I first saw this engine in 2003 at a tractor and engine show here in
Texas. The serial number is "4 1460 4". It has 25-1/2 inch dia.
flywheels, dry head, spark plug in the dry head, 2-3/4 inch face
flywheels, The letters on the water hopper are rounded rather than
flat like my letters on my two 4 hp. GRAY's. The top of the water
hopper is round with a 6-1/2 inch dia. hole for water. The mixer is
different than any other GRAY I have seen. It might be original but I
do not know. Put gas in the little bowl and let the engine run a
little bit and then switch it to kerosene. It has grease cups on the
mains and rod. The governer is like my 2-1/2 hp. T and M engine.
The engine has a buzz coil and a battery.
The paint is blackish, gray, green, not red.

This is a picture of the mixer.
Tell me your thoughts on this. Is it original? It is a kerosene engine
and mixer. Just put in a little gas in the bowl and let it warm up and
then turn on the kerosene. Maybe someone knows something
about this mixer?

New! - May 2011

Brad's New GRAY!
This 4 hp. GRAY engine will be mine, but I do not have it at my
place. The engine number is 4-1367- 4.
I just sent money to the man I bought it from. Maybe in a few
weeks I will get the engine in my barn. This one makes five Grays and
one T & M engine. I love them Gray engines!

Thank you for this web site you started a few years ago. The Gray
engines are just popping up everywhere, and this is a place to put
them, all that we can find that are still around. Thanks again, Brad.

July 2011 UPDATE~ See Brad's Latest GRAY Engine

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