Benjamin Roth Gray Engine

Benjamin Roth's Father's GRAY Engine

The engine is my dad's and is staying as is.
I am building a model of it and would like to know the correct
colors to paint it. I have never seen another 1hp. without the
counterweights in the flywheels. We're not sure if it is a Gray or a T&M
or something else? 1 H P is stamped on the top of the piston.
The number on the head is 1 or I H 2.
Where would the serial number be located?

Thanks for the help
UPDATE - The serial number is 34571

I attached some pictures of the model Gray. The main frame of the engine
is from one of my own aluminum castings. I pressed a steel sleeve in and
honed it for a 1/2" bore. The first picture shows this casting and a 6-32 thread
take apart spark plug for the engine. The second picture shows the engine set
together and a quarter for size reference. Both flywheels are machined from solid
brass. The pulley side flywheel is finished in that picture. The third picture shows
the head almost complete setting on the real thing. The sixth picture shows
governor and cam follower parts under construction. The other three pictures show
the engine roughly set together. I am currently working on the gears and painting parts.

I hope you enjoy the pictures

I had both gears finished in about 4 hours.
It was my first time cutting gears and I learned a lot

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