Rod Ross Gray engines

Rod Ross' GRAY "Herd"

From Pete Stauffer ~

This person replied by mail to Bill Hash's question in the Reflection column of
Gas Engine Magazine 1994. This letter was sent to Bill in January of 1995,
so it's a bit old. All I have is a snail-mail address, but it might be worth a try. So here it is:

Rod Ross
361 N behring St
Berne IN 46711
Phone 219-5889-2484

Ross told Bill in the letter that he had 3 GRAYS:

- 1 3/4hp "Standby"
- 2 1/2 hp "Wizard" (with 3-in-1 carb)
- 4 hp model J

Ross also said he had an original Gray manual with color photographs.

Great detective work Pete Stauffer! Does anyone have current
information on these GRAY engines?

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