Bill Reichmann GRAY engine

Bill Reichmann's

GRAY 1-1/2 hp Engine

Delco Don is restoring this GRAY engine for Bill Reichmann

Don Says ~
"Here is a picture before I did any thing with. I had just taken it to the car wash
and cleaned a bunch of straw and trash off of it. The second picture is my bench
with the crankshaft/flywheels, the head, parts of the oiler and the fender/crank guard.

The man I'm restoring it for said his dad bought it new, but he wasn't sure of the date.
It had to be in the early 1900's. I've been told 1912 to 14. The serial number and the
only number I've found on it was on the side of the head and it is: 6995.
The mans name is Bill Reichmann and he owns a large John Deere
dealership in Oakaville, Illinois.

I restored an early Waterloo Boy for him and a 1908 5 HP YC Stover.
The next time I'm over there I'm going to take a picture of those two engines.
They are sitting in the dealership show room, along with the latest
John Deere lawn and small tractors.

I am in the process of "pushing" the piston out of the cylinder of the Gray.
After cleaning the head gasket surface of the block,
I found these numbers stamped in the gasket surface.
Have you seen this before and what do the numbers represent?

Don's hard work is paying off!

Does anyone else have the lever under the rocker arm?
Don says it acts as a compression release by holding the
intake valve open.

Are the springs set up correctly on the governor latch?

Here are two (new) pictures of the Gray. I haven't yet figured out what the
small logo is on the off side of the water hopper.
Maybe some one "out there" could tell me. It appears to be IFCo, very interesting,
but I have no idea as to what it means.

This is of the John Deere dealership where it (the GRAY)
will sit for the rest of it's life, I presume.
The first engine on the left is a 5 HP YC Stover (1908)
and the other engine, partially hidden behind an original John Deere buggy,
is a 1912 or 13 Waterloo Boy (1-1/2 HP).

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