Ray Gray 1-3/4 hp GRAY

Ray GRAY's "GRAY Collection"

Ray Says- I have what I think is a 1914, 1-3/4 hp. SN 8168,
stamped on top of "dry" head.

When I bought it I was told it was a 1 3/4 HP, 1914.
No one has argued with me. The governor is two weights
on the outside of the flywheel, sliding collar.
Mains have wick oiling. Drip oiler is on cylinder behind the
water hopper.
It has a sort of speed control to put more
or less tension on the detent arm.

Also have 1922 Gray roadster.
Will send you pix and stories of both.
Ray Gray, Tennessee

Wow, sounds like a "name" themed collection going
there Ray! With my last name of "Green"...... I wonder
what I could collect?
Looking forward to the photos, and story on the
car and stationary engine!


Photos of Ray Gray's 1922 Model "N" GRAY Automobile.

Nice luggage rack!
Has year of manufacture (1922) plates.
Legal in Tennessee
(year too small to see in photo)

Note 8 gal. gas tank, with "ruler / dipstick" style gauge
Bore x Stroke is 3-5/8" x 4"
Engine serial # 8168
Horse Power is 21.03
Owner's manual states -
For "break-in", Don't exceed 20 mph, for the first 500 miles

Has an aftermarket bumper, found in junk pile

In 2000, Ray wrote an article for the "Antique Automobile" magazine,
in which he stated ....

  • Purchased GRAY car in 1998 from an ad in Hemmings Motor News

  • Research shows the GRAY automobiles were made from 1922 to 1926

  • Being a 35 year member of the AACA, I never heard of a GRAY car

  • Owner manual says - "polish car with olive oil on a damp cheese cloth"

  • The first roadsters sold for $490 to compete with Ford & Cheverolet

  • It's estimated that there were a total of 2000 GRAY automobiles sold

  • GRAY's slogans -
    "Aristocrat of Small Cars" &
    "Save 1/3 the gas and 2/3 of the trouble"

Ray's Article from the Antique Automobile Magazine

UPDATE - 10-20-06

Ray Gray GRAY's Engine
1-3/4 hp, serial number 8168
Thought to be made in 1914

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