Tim Pratt Gray Engine

Tim Pratt's GRAY

Tim says ~
I am just in the process of acquiring a GRAY engine from a derelict
farm house in Michigan, once lived in by the father of my wife's relative.
I enclosed some preliminary photo's taken a couple of days ago when
the engine was still in situ. I will send some better ones as soon I have
it located in a more photogenic location.
I would be most grateful if you could let me have your thoughts on the
manufacturing date of the engine. You will note that it does not have the
GRAY name cast in the hopper side - is it possible that it is an engine made
by Termaat & Monahan ? The engine appears to be in good condition generally,
although as you can see the exhaust valve rocker assembly has had a rather
rudimentary replacement support assembly made.
Tim Pratt

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