John W Peters GRAY Engine

John W. Peters'

GRAY 1 3/4 hp

John says ~

My name is John Peters and I got your site info from
Joe Appelget and was very impressed.
If you or someone could assist me I would like to know
what model this GRAY is, and if possible
about what year it was manufactured. I believe it is a 1 3/4 HP.
The S/N that I can read looks like 413102 or 41C102
.. very difficult to read.
The paint is not the right color YET!!
I will paint it he right color as soon as I get the time.

The tag on the GRAY reads as follows -

Geo. W. Emerson & Co.
Lynn, Mass
S/N 52
Pat Applied For

Thanks, John

Has anyone ever heard of the Geo. W. Emerson Company?
And if so, any clues to if it's supposed to be on this GRAY?

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