Ed Payne 1-3/4 hp Gray Engine

Ed Payne's 1-3/4 hp GRAY

Ed says ~

I got a GRAY when I was in the US last year.
It is in very good mechanical condition but was
fitted with a Economy carb and a very badly made
governor detent. It also needed a crank guard and muffler.
The guy who lent me the parts to copy had everything
except the muffler. I am going to copy the gov. unit and
speed control by fabrication and get a crankguard cast.
The muffler is a problem. Leonard Carver who was making
these has quit doing them, so I will have to keep looking about.
I made this carb for my 1- 3/4HP Gray over the last couple of
days. I used a carb that was lent to me to copy.The whole thing
including the fuel inlet and needle was fabricated.
I had two Roseberry reproduction castings that I cut up and
brazed together to get the shape and the rest is bits and pieces
brazed in the appropriate position and ground to shape.
It works great and I have run the engine for about an hour with
no problems!

Edd Payne
Gulgong N.S.W

Just finished making this governor detent for my 1-3/4 h.p. GRAY.
I have totally fabricated it using a borrowed unit to copy.
There are no castings in it at all.
It works as it should and was a very satisfying project.


August 08

I Finally got all the parts for my 1-3/4 HP GRAY, serial #5175.
The repo crankguard arrived and I have fitted it.
This is one nice running little engine and is very easy
to start. It needed a lot of work including making the
mixer, governor detent/speed adjuster, governor collar,
and the crankguard.
Also the ignition system needed work as well as the rocker and
post needed to be re-welded as they were done badly and out of line.

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