Paul Gray Marine & Stationary GRAY engines

Paul Gray's Marine
& Stationary GRAY engines

Saw this in a copy

An article on the GRAY Motor Company History

of Motor Boat mag from 1929 while I was at library
at Mystic, CT museum.

I own a 1906 GRAY marine 4 HP, a 2 cylinder horizontal opposed
GRAY, a 6 HP, and have a 4 HP GRAY stationary coming this fall.

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Paul Gray (no relationship to Paul Gray of Gray Motor Co)

NEW! - April 2008

Paul Says~
I Picked up a 1-3/4 HP GRAY (I think).
It has the flywheel weights and a dry head
with Gray script on the hopper.
Serial # 431842
Flywheels 16" , 3.5" bore x 5" stroke.

It is a basket case needing lots of work.
It's missing the rod cap, the governer detent
thing which goes to governor collar, and the rocker arm.

She is getting new bearings throughout. The bore is nice though.


The 1-3/4 hp GRAY finished and running!

See it running on You Tube

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