EBay GRAY in NW Ohio

1-1/2 hp GRAY from NW Ohio
SOLD on EBay
November 2007 for $355.06

This is the information the seller gave for it -

"19xx? Gray 1-1/2 HP Hit and miss Engine This engine has all the parts
from what I see except for a Magneto. It has been sitting in our building
for years. You could use this one for parts or rebuild, but I think it could use
some work. The connecting rod and piston are out of engine but I have them
in a seprate box and go with motor. I was told this was a late model, because
it had a square hole water hopper. I never had any interest in toying with it.
The motor turns over freely.The only flaw that I have seen was a little brazing
spot on the one corner of the block.

Hopefully the new owner will send more photos and information!

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