Bob Nixon 1 hp GRAY

Bob Nixon's 1 h.p. Engine

Bob Says~

I have just acquired a real nice little Gray / T&M hit & miss gas engine.
The serial number stamped on the head is 3360J.
It has a 3" bore and a 3-1/2" stroke, 15" flywheels, grease cups on the main
bearings and a J type mixer.
The oiler is located in the hopper and the governor is on the inside of the flywheel.
I am in hopes you can give me a little more information about this engine.
I think it is a 1HP, but I have no idea as to what to call it... GRAY
(Gray is not cast in hopper) or T&M.
Also, what year it may have been manufactured?

A picture of my display at one of our shows in Jasper, Georgia.
This is my 1926 20/35 Rumley Oil Pull that is belted to my
John Deere Dane 18 X 24 hay press.
My grandsons are part of the team when we do a bailing demonstration....
good family fun!

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