Jeff Mosley GRAY 1-1/4 hp engine

Jeff Mosley's
GRAY 1-1/4 hp Engine

Jeff says ~ "I have a Gray 1-1/4 HP engine mfg. by
Gray Motor Company in Detriot, MI.
It came out of Canada a few years ago.
Do you have any information on this engine?
I also need a rocker arm for it and connecting rod cap.
Any source for parts?

The only identification is the brass name tag on front of the
water hopper and the serial number on the head.

(on name tag)

No. 4. 784
H.P. 1-1/4 (H.P. is written Horse Power)

(on head)

1. 4.784

Any of this make any sense?
Do you have any ideal of the year this gray was built?
I'll send you pics one day!

Jeff Mosley

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