Rick Monk GRAY 4 h.p. Engine

Rick Monk's 4 h.p. GRAY

The previous owner, Joe Kelly says~

HI Tom, the Gray was a 4hp engine. The serial # is 4444, pretty cool.
The new owner is Rick Monk. Rick is the guy who owns the cement mixer
in GEM this month, I sold it to him at the same time as the Gray.
I figured he should go back to MI with a full load...Joe

Rick Says~
I just have been to busy to dig out the engine and get any pics
or anything off it yet. I will try to get it for you next week.
Show season is just starting and I have to get things moving.

Rick's very unique NOVO powered cement mixer, featured in the May 2004
Gas Engine Magazine. See the magazine to read all about it!

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