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Jeff Says ~

I recently purchased a Gray engine which I believe is a 4HP. It has a 4 3/4" bore and it is a wet head.
It is a Hit & Mis engine with dual flywheels. It has Gray Motor Company cast in the side of the water hopper.
The serial number 4G5634 was on the side of the head adjacent to the where it mates the block.
I understand this is a model "G" and a 4 H.P. I do not know wht the 5634 tells me.
The governor setup is the same as pictured on Pete Stauffer's on your website.
There are two weights outside the flywheel. The main bearings are lubricated by an oil wick.
As to the year of manufacture that is the big question. The main cylinder oiler goes through the water hopper.
I have the engine unassembled.
As soon as it is completed I will post pictures. Thus far I do not need any parts that I cannot make
except bearings. The originals are good but I would like to replace them anyway.
Does anyone know of a source?
I am looking for any information that is available on this engine like the original color.
It is currently undergoing restoration and a little information is badly needed.
Your assistance is appreciated.
Jeff Miley
If you can help Jeff out, please email him.


November 1st, 2005
I saw a Gray engine come up for sale this past weekend near Hagerstown, MD.
I paid attention so I could report who bought it along with a serial number
and some other important data. Well, .. It was me. I will forward serial number
and engine description within a few days.


November 6, 2005
Here is a photo of my Gray 4 H.P. wet head. I have since installed the gas tank
and now have it mounted on a cart. Regarding the new GRAY, it is serial #3G10326.
It is a dry head with a 4 1/4" bore. It is 99% complete and is only missing the crank
guard. The two mounting bolts are 3 1/2" apart.
If anyone knows of one please let me know. Any idea of the H.P.?
Could it be a 3 H.P. according to the serial #? If I find any further info during the
restoration I will let you know. I will also forward a photo as soon as I have one available.

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