Mark Meincke 6 h.p. GRAY Engine

Mark Meincke's 6 h.p. GRAY Engine

Mark Says ~

Thanks for the note on the Ole engine site. Looks great with a good
deal of information on Gray's..... I've done a bit of research myself and
enjoy reading about ol iron and the manufacturers. I have a 6hp GRAY.
I guess I should photograph for you and email. It's in original condition right now
- however I've not run it in many years. I've been in the hobby 35 years and the
collection at last count was 162 engines. I've been selling off some of the farm engines
due to my interest now in engines of a different class.

Please check out my web site to learn a bit more about me ---

Otto Sideshaft & The Gas Engine

Mark Meincke
"The Complete Guide to Stationary Gas Engines"

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