Ed Marchesich GRAY 1hp Engine

Ed Marchesich's GRAY 1 hp

Ed says ~ Hello, here is my GRAY.
It's (serial) number is 412321,
and my name is Edwin Marchesich, of Ont., Canada.
Did these (GRAY engines) come with a crank guard?
I had to make a rocker from scratch... no milling machine just
a hack saw , a grinder, some files, and a bit of time.
Also made the starting handle. It doesnt run yet...
I dont think its timed right and I dont know how to time it. Oh well.
Thanks, Ed

Nice job on making the parts!
I'm sure you'll get some tips on getting it running.

This is the rocker arm my dad made for me.... looks pretty close.

This handle was roughed out and finished on the lathe.

I need a muffler. Anyone know where I can get one...
like maybe the correct one?

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