George Lazzo APLCO Engine

GRAY / Termaat & Monnahan?
APLCO Engine

I received a letter in the mail from George asking
for any information, or help on, his APLCO engine.
Please E-mail me if you're able to help George,
and I'll pass the information along to him.
This APLCO engine is obviously related to
GRAY / T&M, and shares the H29 casting number
on the hopper.

George says ~
Your name came up as I was going through
some old Gas Engine Magazines. I was comparing
T&M, Oshkosh, GRAY, and my APLCO.
I cleaned the paint off the head on my APLCO, and found
serial number 2-4-69
My engine still lacks the fuel system and appears to have been used very little.
I purchased it at an estate sale locally. If I find a carburetor, it should run.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, George

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