Steve Kreiner GRAY engine

Steve Kreiner's Junk Pile GRAY

Steve says ~

Here are the pics of the engine I found under the junk steel.
The best I can make out the serial number is 421 8-or 3 42
do you know about what year it is?
It has a 3-1/2" bore.
Thanks Steve

Steve, your engine reminds me of my High School small engine's
project..... a 1930 ish Briggs & Stratton Model "Y" engine,
that I found in the bottom of my grandfather's junkpile.
The shop instructor said if I got that "thing" running
he'd give me an "A" on it.
I got my "A"......... best of luck in you getting yours :-) !

The GRAY is missing the mixer, governor that's inside of the
flywheel, and the "latch out", not the part that the exhaust rod
rides in.

These are the parts I think I need.
Do you think they are the right ones?
If so, please help me out! Thanks Steve

UPDATE ~ February 2011

Steve Say's ~
I still can not find an original mixer for it, so I made one,
and seems to work and runs good.


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