Carl Knissel Gray Engine

Carl Knissel's Gray 1 1/2 h.p. Model G

Carl Says ~

I have recently picked up a GRAY 1 1/2 hp Model G.
I have not been able to locate the serial number yet.
It's trying to break my arm starting it.
I have good compression, spark, and fuel.
My problem is it fires before top dead center.
You mentioned a timing lever.
( is that the adjustable knob on top by governor?)
My engine is identical to the blue and white one on your web page.
(Hank Czerwick's)

I found the serial #. It is 6022 !

Just thought I would let you know that I got the GRAY running.
I will get a friend of mine to take a digital photo.
The wiper on inside of the cam gear had broken some time in past.
I made another from a piece of brass, but I need to find a pattern or dimension
of an original one. The engine starts and runs, but it fires about 10 or 15 degrees
after top center. Thats why I need an original, so the holes are in the right spot.
I e-mailed a guy with GRAY like mine, but he has not contacted me yet.

Carl, hopefully some one will help you with the deminsions you need.


Engine being displayed at Jacktown, PA, Fall 2004

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