Chris Kirk & his GRAY 4 h.p.

Kirk Says ~

Hello! Was just looking at your Gray page with eager anticipation, as I'm
scheduled to pick up a 4HP Gray raised letter hopper engine this weekend.
The engine is totally complete, including the muffler, oiler, and crank guard
...well, ok, it's missing the gas tank. One question for you...this engine does
not have any tag that I can find. The seller told me that Gray engines did not
come with tags, and I'm not sure if that's right or not. Also, if they did not come
with tags, where is the serial number? Any help you could give me would be
greatly appreciated! I will send you some pictures of my engine when I get it home.

I finally did pick up my Gray this Sunday. Haven't even yet gotten it out of my truck though
I've been so busy with work. I may just drop it off with xxxx xxxxx and have a fuel tank
made for it, which is the only thing it's missing. I think I'll pressure wash it, oil it down, and get it
running, rather than tearing it apart, at least for now...leave it "barn fresh". I will have to build a
cart for it, though. It came with the original battery box that still has some original dry cells and the
buzz coil. Hopefully it won't take to much to get it running.

Let me know what you think. I'll get you some better pictures when I get it on a cart and running.
Thanks for the great website!

I did get the Gray running, but it seems that there is a bad electrical connection
in the advance/retard mechanism, or somewhere in the ignition terminals.
The engine will fire intermittently, sometimes build up a charge in the muffler,
and letting out one hell of a backfire when it finally does get a spark.
The oiler also needs new gaskets, but that's something that I expected.
Luckily, all I had to do was set up a buzz coil, oil the moving parts, and roll her
over a few times, and I got her running (one of the first times that that's happened
with a barn fresh engine). I haven't done much with it besides run it once or twice, but I do
want to get a cart under it before the winter. Thanks, Chris

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