Doug Kimball's GRAY / Termaat & Monahan Engine

Doug Kimball's GRAY / Termaat & Monahan?

Doug Says ~

A Termaat & Monahan catalog of about 1913 has several engines pictured that seem
identical to the GRAY engines. I have a 1 or 1 1/2 hp without the raised letters except for "29"
cast in side of hopper down low. This 29 is cast also on raised letter Grays. I've been told that T&M
manufactured Gray's stationary engines & I've been told the other way around also.
I'm on a tugboat in NY Harbor right now, but when I get home I'll send photos of my engine
which needs restoration (as a T&M)

Doug ~ Thanks for shedding some more light on the Termaat & Monahan / GRAY debate.

Say Doug - I don't suppose that tug boat has a GRAY Marine Engine running it, does it?

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