Gray Marvel 1 3/4 H.P.

Kevin Davis' Gray Marvel 1 3/4 H.P.

Kevin Says ~
It's a Gray "Marvel ( Pg. 213 in Chuck Wendel's book) As far as I know it's a 1914 model.
When I found this one it had no head on it and it was bulldozed up into a pile of
mud and bushes. I believe, serial number on these engines are stamped on the top edge of
the cyl.head and mine is 4302. It is battery and buzzcoil fired. It has a crank handle built into the
near flywheel, external flywheel governor weights. I don't think these engines ever had tags.
Mine has no identifying marks at all and I was quite a while finding out what it was.
It has oil-wick lubed mains & is hit & miss governed.
Best of luck: Kevin Davis in Nova Scotia, Canada

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