Joe Appelget Gray Leader

Joe Appelget's Gray Leader

Kevin Davis says ~

This engine is owned by Joe Appelget from south of 49.
Joe tells me he has just purchased this engine and won't even be bringing it home for a while.
I was under the impression that "Gray" engines were red in color, however
Joe's is the second 4 HP Leader I've seen in this color scheme. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?


Joe Says ~

I believe my engine to be a T&M made engine. I think it was called a "Leader"
due to the information I have seen on the site of Dennis Rouleau. I would like to
know the differences between a GRAY built engine, and a T&M engine. I
also know of another 4 HP GRAY similar to mine that is near me. I have
pictures of it and am in the process of obtaining permission from the
owner so that you may post those on your web site as well
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