Gray Engine 2 1/2 hp on Ebay 2 1/2 h.p. GRAY Model ?

At Auction, on Ebay ~ Winter of 2003

Who will be the lucky bidder?

Seller - boomerboschert

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This is a running 2 1/2 h.p. Gray. Serial Number # 37394. Missing muffler and crank guard.
Has some pitting on piston, but runs perfectly. Buzz coil ignition. On cart. Needs battery box made
and will be ready to show. No reserve. Guaranteed to run. No cracks, breaks or welds.


I also have a 1 h.p. GRAY thats in primer. Serial Number 3546J. As far as the year of
this one a guess would be in the 1917 to 1920 range because I always thought the raised letter
GRAY were the oldest. There are also a few different models. I've seen some like this engine that
don't have the raised lip on the hopper. This one has the big counter weight in the flywheel... my other
doesn't. Some have two governer weights in the flywheel, but mine have only have the single weight.
You have probably noticed other differences too. I also had one with a Caille name tag on it , identical to
my 1 h.p. GRAY, except it had the big weight in the flywheel and the sides of the base were opened up .
I've also seen them with Cream City tags on them. Always glad to hear from engine guys.
Thanks, Jim Cook.

UPDATE - June 5th, 2005 This little beauty is now on EBay - Auction Ending ..... Today!
Hope the new owner checks in with us.

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