Marvin Jarboe Photo

1910 GRAY Motor Company Pattern Shop

This photo was submitted by Marvin Jarboe.

Marvin says~
My Grandfather O. E. Schulert was a pattern maker for Ford and Chrysler
in Detroit in the first half of the 1900s. My mom was just showing me some
old photos of his shops. This one said, "Gray Motors, 1910."
My Grandpa is third back from the left.

Regarding "Patterns" carved from wood, Mr. Jaboe's brother
Dwight relates the following........

"Patterns were typically a positive of a part of the mold from which a casting was made from.
Molds were perishable so patterns were kept to make a mold when needed.
The pattern would have made a multiple use mold, but being filled with molten metal
over and over eventually destroys the mold. A patent date carved on to a pattern
can only tell what date a part was not made before."
(Hence many parts could have been cast after that date with the same mold)

The pattern on the left looks like it's to make a mold for the base of an early
two cycle stationary GRAY engine, such as the "Model T" GRAY.

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