Jeff Hyatt Core Drill Restoration

Jeff Hyatt's Core Drill Restoration

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Jeff is hoping to have the core drill at the Kent show this summer,
along with his Stover, International, and Nelson / Gray engines.

Jeff Says~
It's and old core drill. My Father knew the owner of it.

See the Hyatt Family Drilling Page
on the Drilling Hall of Fame

New Link ~ March 07

This is Jeff's New Story in the National Driller Magazine
...soon to be in GEM issue.

The old well drill belonged to Davis Brothers Drilling, Holmes, NY.

See the Davis Brother's Drilling Page
on the Drilling Hall of Fame.

That's what I do, drill water wells here in NY!! ...
Hyatt Well Drilling ..Family owned & operated,
est. 1958 by my father, Albert Hyatt.

Read more about
the history of the family well drilling business!

Jeff Says- many Thanks to My Brother Rex for Milling
out all the White Oak Timbers for the Main section..
Good thing my Bro had a Mill & Thanks to Gunner Peterson
Of Peterson Land Scaping for the Big Spruce tree to make
the Derrick out of! (You Hand Crank the Derrick up)
Many thanks to Fred Ballard & Family for the Wagon & Big Fairbanks Morse
Engine, & for not selling it after all these years !!
Thanks to Rebecca Oakly & Bernice Davis & Sonny & Maxine Davis
for all the photo's to Help in the Restoration.

The "Before Photos"

Lester Davis' Old Drill - As Found / Nick Nikola & Moose Kehoe - helping to load

Fred Ballard on far left, 83 years old, & still splittin wood.
Fred's grandson Trever Ballard in the middle,
& me on right.
(also note) The nice Hoist we use to load well casing, drill rod
& engines too ..hee, hee

Friends and Family

Jeff's daughter's Cassandra & Alyson

(left) Fred Ballard, grandson Trevor, and great-granddaughters.
(right) Wagon made from an old Wonder cement mixer.

The Restoration Begins

A 8 or 9 hp Fairbanks Morse Engine

The F&M spins the big black gear & that turns the core barrel.

UPDATE - May 14th 2006

Had my Old core Drill Running today ..on mothers Day. The gears turned & the pump was pumping water... it was a great Day !!

The little old lady is Lester Davis's wife Bernice. She is 91, and her husband use to
run this rig ..Davis Bros. well drilling. The older Gent is her brother Fred Ballard,
age 83. He use to help Lester set up machine back in the day !!

Tom Ballard , Trevor Ballard & his Girls ..Bernice's Granddaughter Rebeca Oakly &
Bernice's Great Grandchildren ..4 generations of Ballards

The Derrick to be completed.

UPDATE : July 1st, 2006

Jaremy milling spruce tree for lumber to
build the core drill derrick

Jeff says that "it came out Real Nice- just need to sand & rub
on the Linseed Oil ! .. and a few odds & ends"

Jeff wants to add....
"Many thanks to Bill Blessy for all the Vintage Hardware
that's holding it together !"

Congratulations Jeff
for a job "Well" done!

The Finished Product

My Daughter Cassandra age 14, and myself (Jeff) with My 1939 Chevy Coupe
I restored in 1991! The Putnam County Historical Society came and took
pictures of my old "Well Machine" today. It will be in a book they will be
publishing in a few months. My "Well Machine" can be seen at the
2006 Connecticut Antique Machinery Fall Festival in Kent, Conn.
Sept 23 & 24.

I had it running today, it's fully functional .... I have all the tools,
and you can drill a well with it too !!

Set up at the Kent Show 2006

( Jeff and his two daughters, Cassandra & Alyson )

The Show went well! There were a few Guys at the show
that seen the Well Drill on the SmokStak Site, that had to come see it !
They said it was Awesome ! Also one man said he has been all over
the country side to several different shows, and has never seen anything
that was as unique as my Well Drilling Machine.

Proud owner Jeff Hyatt with 83 yr. old Fred Ballard,
who use to help set up the drill back in it's working days.
The drill is now residing at the Sloane - Stanley Museum in
Kent, Conn., where it will stay. Here is the web page for the

UPDATE October 2008

Jeff says - "My Antique Well Machine now Resides at the
Tilly Foster Farm Museum on route 312 in Brewster NY,
Exit 19, off of Rte I-84"

Jeff's Brothers, Nephews, & Mom
with their 1978 Jaswell drill that was Updated in July 2005
by Kay Equipment of Patten, Maine

The Modern Day Drilling Rigs

Just Restored- 1970 international M Series 6 x 6
all wheel drive truck it has a Big 549 V8 Gas Engine in it ,
The Last of the Big Gas Hogs !!

The End

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