Dean Houlahan GRAY 1 1/2 hp Engine

Dean Houlahan's GRAY 1-1/2 hp Engine

Dean says - G'day, I found this engine the other day.
I have been told it is a rare Gray engine from the US.
I found your Web site and it has been a great Help.
I think it is a 1- 3/4 Marval.
What do you think?
Are they rare?
I has no marking on it at all.
Maitland NSW Austraila

Some more photos.
I found 2 serial numbers. One on the flywheels which is 4048.
And on the head, which is well worn, it is 1417, I think.
Can make out the 17 alright, but the 14 is a bit hard.
There is a gap between 14 and the 17, so not sure if there was a
number there or not.
The engine runs alright but needs a bit of work.
The Maggie is not original. I can see where the buzz coil trip
wire was originally.
I got the engine off a member of our club,
" Hunter Valley Vintage Farm Machinery Club INC"
His name is Bob Moss. He had the engine for 30 odd years in
his shed, and never knew what it was.
He said it came from a dairy farm on the Hawkesbury River,
just North of Sydney. Not sure what it was used for.
Regards, Dean
P.S- I would like a couple of Decals for it, if anyone knows,
if or where they are avialable.

Note the chain driven magneto set-up.


The Gray is running very well, And has been to A few Rallies now.
Its even had its Photo in the TOMM,,, The old Machinery magazine.
As you can see I got rid of magneto, and put A battery coil back on her.
I have not done her up yet, and not if I will for awhile,
I like her Just the way she is.

Kind Regards,

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