Steve Hopkins Termaat & Monahan 1 hp engine

Steve Hopkins
Termaat & Monahan 1 hp engine

Steve Says~
Here is a photo of a 1 horse T&M at work on my lineshaft shop.
I got the engine from an uncle about 50 years ago.

It has Serial # 3774J, and a dry head.

A cousin removed the goveror to increase flow from the pump it
drove (I suspect this was a T&M pumping unit). At a 1972 engine
show I learned about T&M & "Wisconna Pep", and saw an
identical engine. I fabricated steel governor parts within days
based on photos I took of Ray Alber's engine.

I suspect that the T&M company probably was the origin of many
of the Gray engines, they began business in 1892, which would
explain the Gray claim to having 18 years production experience early
on in an engine brochure I read.

The Gray's are usually identified with durable cast logos
and brass plates. T&M relied on unique fuel mixers & painted
logos on the water hoppers. Although the Gray fuel mixers are
basically the same "J" shape as T&M, they are frequently fabricated
from pipe fittings, T&M are monolithic castings on the head.

Thanks for the great web site & all the info!!
Steve Hopkins, Hopkins Woodwork Mason, MI


The set up is a hit at all the living history events we attend.
My girlfriend is a blacksmith, so we set up adjoining demos
of 19th century technology.

Set up at a Steam Show

New Photo Showing the T&M hard at work, and with a fresh paint job!

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