Will Hoffman's Gray Model G & CE

Will Hoffman's Model G - 4 h.p.
& Model CE - 3 h.p.
GRAY Engines

Will says ~

I have two GRAY engines: A 4HP model G, Serial Number 4G2259,
It's all original as it was installed in a woodworking shop in 1914,
and has never been left outdoors to the best of my knowledge.
NOTE: This engine now owned by Brad Rush

The other engine is a model CE 3HP, serial #3333 for which I can find no information.
Its the only Gray I have seen fired with an igniter. Any info you may have on this engine
would be greatly appreciated.

Gray 4 h.p. Model G Wet Head

Igniter fired Gray 3 h.p. Model CE, manufactured by the Nelson Bros. of Saginaw, MI

Does anyone else have an ingniter fired GRAY engine, or even one with an I.D. tag? If you can help Will out with any information on this engine, Please email him.

UPDATE - Ted Brookover of Missouri, identified Will's Engine as a "Contract" engine build by the Nelson Brothers of Saginaw, MI, by looking at his Igniter I.D. Page
Also, I found the above photo online at McWhite's Stationary Engine Gazette, and it's identified as a (Charles William Stores, Inc. or Nelson Brothers, Co. Saginaw, MI (~1917)?) Therefore, I do belived Will's GRAY was built by Nelson Brothers. Notice this photo has the same head stlye, hopper, flywheel, governor weights, base mounting holes, etc.

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