Blaine Haynes GRAY

Blaine Haynes
GRAY 4 h.p.

Blaine says.....

I have a Gray motor model # 4 G 8058. Would you know of someone who would
have information on this engine? I need to make a gas tank. The rocker arm
is broken in two and I need to make a new end for it. I also would like to
get dimensions on the length of the valves. I have two new ones made but I
have to cut them to length and drill the holes for the pins. I would also
like to have a diagram on how the ignition was hooked up. It has been
cleaned up and painted and I would like to start putting it back together.
I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Thank you.
Blaine Haynes
Blaine Haynes, Haynes Mower Shop
62 Beech Hill Crossroad, Mt. Desert, ME 04660
Phone 207 244-0204, Fax 207 244-7529

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