Glenn Harvey GRAY Marine engines

Glenn Harvey's GRAY Marine Engines
& Neat Boat!

Glenn says~
I cheated. I found a company in Rhode Island
(Beckmann Boat Building, which since went out of business)
that used old boats as molds to produce fiberglass hulls,
mostly for steam-powered launches. They made me a hull,
got both my engines running, painted, new plugs, etc.,
mounted the model "R", with drive shaft, stuffing box, prop,
rudder, exhaust and water intakes thru hull, etc.

ďAllĒ I have left to do is the seats and mahogany deck,
for which I have had the wood for 5 years, but not yet jumped into Ė
lot of bending and fitting to do, and havenít quite made the time, yet.

I did a complete restoration on the "R"; then ran across the 2-cylinder
Model 112R, which I bought in case
I needed parts. They look alike, but none of the parts are interchangeable.
It turns out that the 2-cyl was in great shape and didnít need anything except
plugs and wires. I took it to Beckmann, in case my "R" restoration didnít work,
or they decided it was too small. The "R" was fine and Iím tired moving the 2-cyl,
so Iím going to part with it as I face another, final relocation into retirement.

GRAY Marine Model "R"

Model "R" Mounted in Fiberglass Hull

Looking Good ! Hull awaiting mohogany deck and seats.

FOR SALE - 2 cylinder GRAY Model 112R Marine Engine

I am moving and would like to sell this one.
After getting it restored and moving it three or four times,
I have decided that I don't need it and especially don't want to pay
to move it again. I have the GRAY 4hp R model in a launch that I am
building and I'll never get to a second boat project.

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