Dave Harper GRAY 1 3/4 hp

Dave Harper's GRAY 1 3/4 hp

Dave Say's ~

Rainy day is always good to cruse the web and I found you site, what a GREAT find.
Lots of good information but has also raised some questions I hope you can answer.
First some back ground.....

I got my Gray as a Christmas present about 25 years ago. It was a basket case.
The valves were rotted off to the head. Someone had broken the connecting rod and
bearing cap (most likely trying to get out the piston) the seams were the only thing left
of the gas tank. It was my first engine and I had no clue! But I was thrilled with my gift.
It took almost a year to free up the piston, rebush worn parts, sleeve the cylinder,
figure out the ignition system, etc. I picked up some other engines but I was not content
with just engines, they had to power something!!!

Along came a perfect mate for the Gray, a 100 gallon Myers orchard sprayer
For the last 20+ years the Grays has happily power the sprayer.

Now, some questions -

I pulled off the head to search for the serial number (and lap the valves)
Found some numbers on the upper edge of the head but they are very difficult
to read except for a 72 which appears to be punched deeper than the others.
There is also a 72 punched on the engine block under the head gasket.
I’ve been told this is the engine serial number.

Any truth to this? Has anyone else found a number punched into the block?
Are there two different models of the 1 ¾ hp?
I have a reprint of a Gray catalog (as in your site) That shows my engine as a 1 ¾ hp
Gray “Standby” model “J” but the serial number chart shows the “Marvel” as the 1 ¾ hp
engine and is completely different and does not show in the catalog .

I’m confused!!

Give you my information as presented in the data table -
1 ¾ HP Gray

Model “J” “Standby”
HP 1 ¾
Date ?
Head type dry
Governor inside flywheel, single weight
Main bearing grease cups
Oiler end of hopper

Dave Harper
Plympton. MA

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